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My Management of Poker Life

These past few months, I have developed an interest in something that is new to me. I have started to play poker a few months back and still am enjoying it up to now. I play live poker with my friends. Not only that, I have also downloaded the ultimatebet poker game, and just recently, I also installed the 3d poker game in my computer.

At first, I was warned by many pessimistic friends about poker. They said that it can be addictive. They did not want men to play poker because they said poker will steal me blind of my money and that poker will also take away time from more important things such as studying, working and family life.

I contemplated long and hard about my friends' negative views on poker, and this is what I ended up with: other activities such as sports, partying and hanging out can also be addictive like poker. However, they let me do those things, in fact, they are the ones I am with when I do those things. Therefore, anything, including poker can be addictive. It is just a matter of how one will handle things.

Browsing the internet, I stumbled upon articles that taught me how to stay away from problem gambling. Here is what I learned: first, I should have a separate budget for poker. In that way, I wouldn't be able to spend my savings on some poker game. In any event I used up all my poker money, then I will stop playing poker until the time I have extra money for poker again. This will help me stay out of gambling debts.

Second, I have learned to allocate my time wisely. I should give longer time to the things that are more important. Poker for me is just leisure, so it should not take a large portion of my time. This way, I will have a life outside of poker.

It is not really difficult to have a healthy, non destructive poker life. It just takes a little discipline from your part. Today, my friends do not complain anymore about poker. They can see that I have turned out to be a responsible poker player.

I am proud to say that I am a living proof that not every poker player becomes too addicted to function normally. Look at me, I'm still very much a fan of poker but I do not owe money to anybody because of poker, and I can balance my time for all the aspects of my life.

Developing Your Skills: Dedicating Yourself to Poker


Of the mistakes that new Poker players make, one of the most common is that of thinking that they can breeze through the game after a couple of hours studying the rules online. However, that is not how one becomes a winning Poker player, as the facts will reveal that only those that make a concerted effort to strengthen their game attain success.

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