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Developing Your Skills: Dedicating Yourself to Poker

The impression that people get from watching pro Poker players perform their feats on TV is that they were somehow born to play the game. However, that is far from the truth, because as any of them will tell you, the secret to being a winning player is dedication to the game.

Because of the information available on Web sites, some new players now think that by reading a few of the basic strategies and playing a few games, they will be on their way to mastering Poker. This in addition, to the feeling that they are better than the others. They see a player fold an AK to a QQ and think "I will never do that. I will never be bluffed out of a hand."

If you are still new, it is important that you are able to get rid of these misconceptions early on. First off, no matter how well you think you are playing, you will be bluffed out, and at various points during your playing career, you will get bad beats.

The way to counter this of course, is by working hard on your game. All the great players, from Doyle Brunson to Annie Dukes, became what they are due to their dedication, the hours they spent working on their craft.

Here the concept of Poker skill and talent must also be explained. Talent is something that is developed by a player. Everyone starts the game with zero knowledge.

The professionals become proficient by learning the basics, working their way from the ground up. Instead of saying that a player is gifted or has talent, it is more accurate that a player becomes successful because they took the time to harness their Poker skills. To be a winning Poker player, you should disregard any notion that you are naturally gifted, or any other player for that matter; every skill, from reading to putting hands in range, comes from the experience that one attains from playing the game, and of course, from hours spent studying and modifying their tactics.

The road to success in Poker begins when you devote yourself to it. There is no way that you can master any variant within a matter of hours just by going through a few tutorials. However, the more determined you are to win, the less difficult you will find it to learn the game and consequently, to become successful at it.

Developing Your Skills: Dedicating Yourself to Poker


Of the mistakes that new Poker players make, one of the most common is that of thinking that they can breeze through the game after a couple of hours studying the rules online. However, that is not how one becomes a winning Poker player, as the facts will reveal that only those that make a concerted effort to strengthen their game attain success.

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