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David Levi: A Well-Respected Poker Pro

Before David Levi became a poker professional, he was a soccer player in Israel, where he is originally from. But when he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, he began to lose interest in playing soccer and started to be interested in poker. It was in 1997 that David Levi decided to play professional poker on a full-time basis.

Just like the experiences of most poker professionals, David Levi also experienced committing numerous errors when he was still a beginner in the field of professional poker. Nevertheless, his perseverance and determination to master the game led to the improvement of his playing style. He did not mind that he committed several mistakes in the past. What was important for him was the fact that he always had something to learn from those mistakes. Well, David Levi indeed has a positive attitude as a poker professional. And look at him now, he has always been active in major poker tournaments and has always been successful in his games. He may not always win first place, but nevertheless, his poker victories have allowed him to have a stable income.

Unlike some poker professionals, David Levi does not project an aggressive behavior at poker tables. He does not even display an attitude that either annoys or irritates his opponents. He is known for his modest demeanor. He is regarded as someone who is very approachable, allowing him to earn the respect of his fellow poker professionals.

The favorite poker game of David Levi is Seven Card Stud, and most of his poker winnings come from victories in playing such poker game. His favorite casino is the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, California. More or less, this poker professional earns US$200,000 on an annual basis just by playing poker.

The first time that David Levi became a first placer in a poker event was on March 12, 2000 when he played Limit Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo at the Winnin' O the Green Tournament. The second time this poker professional experienced becoming a first placer was when he joined a Pot Limit Hold'em game at the California State Poker Classic on June 13, 2000. In 2001, he won first place in two events of the Fall Peppermill Poker Tournament and one event of the Tom McEVoy Tournament.

In 2002, he experienced several victories as well, including being a first placer in a No Limit Hold'em tournament and in an America's Poker Classic event. Furthermore, this poker professional also played a Limit Hold'em event of the World Poker Tour on August 9 and placed first. On August 25, 2002, he once again placed first in another World Poker Tour event. Every year, this poker professional participates in World Poker Tour events and lucky for him, he always emerges successful.

It is no wonder that poker professionals and all poker enthusiasts regard David Levi with so much respect. With all his poker achievements, nobody would say that he is not successful in his career.

Developing Your Skills: Dedicating Yourself to Poker


Of the mistakes that new Poker players make, one of the most common is that of thinking that they can breeze through the game after a couple of hours studying the rules online. However, that is not how one becomes a winning Poker player, as the facts will reveal that only those that make a concerted effort to strengthen their game attain success.

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