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Carlos Mortensen: the poker heartthrob

Carlos Mortensen is one famous pro poker player who has the skill and the looks. He is half Danish and half Spanish, and has a strong but dashing and handsome look. Mortensen's fans admire his expertise in bluffing and his playing style is cool, casual and a bit loose. But according to Mortensen his playing style depends on who is his opponent in order to match the latter's game play.

Mortensen has also been dubbed as "El Matador". He is best remembered at the main event of the 2001 World Series of Poker, where he took home $ 1.5 million. His opponent at that time was his former kindergarten teacher and experienced poker player, Dewey Tomko. Mortensen also won at the 2004 Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship, where he took home $ 1 million in prize.

He has accumulated two bracelets from the World Series of Poker and as of 2005 he has earned more than $ 3.6 million from participating and winning in live tournaments. Mortensen was also one of the semi-finalists in the second season of the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament and caught a place in the World Heads-up Poker Championship.

Carlos Mortensen was born on April 13, 1972 in Ambato, Ecuador. His father is Danish and his mother is Danish. He has three sisters and two brothers. The Mortensen family had farms while they were in Ecuador, but when Carolos was fifteen, their family relocated to Spain. Poker was illegal and unpopular in Spain, but this was the time that Carlos found his inclination to gaming.

Carlos used to work as a bartender in a private club in Spain. He was still young at that time and he found his interest in playing chess. However, upon coming to work one day, he saw some folks playing Texas Hold'em; this was in April 15, 1997. While waiting for his wife, he sat down and started to play. Immediately he lost around $ 100 worth and it bothered him. However, Carlos went back to the club and sat again to play, and he won. For the next three days, he won again and this is where it all came into place for the "El Matador".

Mortensen decided to push forward for a career in poker after his exciting experience. Not knowing how to speak in English, Mortensen headed to the United States to find his place in the poker scene. His attentiveness was his way to learn and adjust on the new found life he had in the States. He is proud to admit that he learned his poker skills through years of experience than reading poker books and other references. Mortensen's wife also plays poker and they have been married since 1990. Carlos Mortensen travels most of the time in order to compete in tournaments in the U.S. and in Europe.

Developing Your Skills: Dedicating Yourself to Poker


Of the mistakes that new Poker players make, one of the most common is that of thinking that they can breeze through the game after a couple of hours studying the rules online. However, that is not how one becomes a winning Poker player, as the facts will reveal that only those that make a concerted effort to strengthen their game attain success.

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